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International Beam Releases 8 New Technical Bulletins

International Beams announced today that it has released updates to its Technical
Bulletins for I Joists and Laminated Veneer Lumber.

A total of six Technical Bulletins for I Joists cover the following topics:

TB-IJ-1 Heading Off of Cut IB-I-Joists
TB-IJ-2 Outrigger O.H. Framing at IB I-Joists
TB-IJ-3 Load-Share Blocking/Bridging for International Beams I-Joists
TB-IJ-4 Brick-to-Grade Cantilever for IB I-Joists
TB-IJ-5 IB I-Joist Reinforcement at Offset Interior Bearings
TB-IJ-6 Fire Considerations for Residential Wood I-Joist Floors

The I Joist Technical Bulletins are available as individual downloadable PDF documents
or for convenience one downloadable .zip file containing all the documents at
Two Technical Bulletins were also released for Laminated Veneer Lumber.

TB-LVL-1 Ripping of International Beams LVL
TB-LVL-2 Multi-ply IB LVL Fastening with TrussLok Screws
The LVL Technical Bulletins can be downloaded as PDF files at…

As updates occur or new Technical Bulletins are released they will be added to the
International Beams website.

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