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International Beams is owned by Lebcorp Ltd., a privately owned company that works on building long term win-win relationships with lumber distributers who want high quality engineered wood products, superior sales and service support plus innovative solutions to meet the demands of their market.

Technical and sales support, senior management, and even the owner are just a phone call away.

Successful business relationships are built on more than just buying or selling a product or service. We understand that. We’ll work with you to build an effective sales and marketing program in your area for our engineered wood products. We’re not just manufacturers. Talk to any of our distribution partners and you’ll quickly find a common theme. We’re there to help them win more market share and increase their profits. We can help do the same for you.

Our I-Joist plant is located in Quebec, Canada and has been producing high quality solid-sawn wood I-Joists since 1995.

A complete Floor and Roof framing system, comprised of a full range of IB; I-Joists , premium grade LVL and IB Rimboard Ultra provide lumber distributors and builders with industry leading engineered wood product solutions.

The system is unified under one software solution, and provides you and your customers with a single point of contact for engineering requests and technical support. All three products are backed by comprehensive warranties that provide total peace of mind when specifying, promoting and installing International Beams framing systems.

As a leading manufacturer of high quality engineered wood products, International Beams Inc., is constantly looking for new ways to improve our products and add value for our distributors.

We believe our distributor program is second to none. If you’re a lumber distributor looking for high quality engineered wood products backed up by a supportive sales and technical team we invite you to call us at 1-941-552-9914 to discuss how we can work together and help increase your market share.

International Beams Manufacturing plant.

I-Joists are available to up to 52’
Engineered wood productsInternational Beams I Joists, LVL and Rimboard provide a complete framing solution.
Discussing I joist load tables
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