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Excellence Since 1995

Who Is IB

• In business since 1995
• IB is the Flagship of the Industry
• Manufacturer of high quality pre-fabricated I-joists
• Employer of 95 experienced laborers
• Provider of LVL and Rimboard

IB Mission

International Beams will offer the widest range and highest quality solid-sawn joists in North America.

IB Philosophy

By offering high quality product and on-time deliveries, we will BUILD our customer base.
By treating our customers as partners with integrity, respect and loyalty, we – with our Partners – will GROW our business.

IB Values

We value people, ours and yours, interacting with respect, dignity and honesty.
We value accountability and assume responsibility for our performance and actions; we honor our commitments through integrity and measurable goals.
We value top performance methods working to continuously improve our efforts to be profitable by obtaining optimal high quality productivity while being a lean, rapidly moving company.
We value innovation; exploring fresh opportunities and implementing new procedures to better serve our customers.

Why Purchase from IB

• IB leads the industry
• IB holds 42% of the solid sawn I-joist manufacture capacity in North America
• 2 mills provide security in meeting your volume needs
• IB utilizes the highest quality control standards
• One point of contact with a dedicated support team
• Product Guarantee
• We want YOUR business

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