Building Green

Wood is the world’s most renewable, sustainable, and environmentally friendly building product available.

IB products are among the most environmentally friendly building products available. The components used in our manufacturing process are harvested from certified sustainable forests. Our manufacturing facility is FSC registered.

The following is a list of potential points attainable by using IB products under each of the three major green standards. Our products can also contribute to other point categories that are project or site specific. If you have questions relating to green points please contact us at or (941) 552-9914.

In the U.S., for National Green Building Standard ICC 700 and LEED points, mouse-click on the imagebelow to download IB’s APA report GR-L252.


For additional information, visit the following websites :

National Green Building Standard:


Green Globes is a program that can be used both in the U.S. and Canada. It is designed to be used online. For more information, visit the following website :

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