Environmental Choice

Environmental Choice – Building with Renewable Resources

In choosing wood as a construction material, you are choosing the only building material that is made from renewable resources. Due to sustainable forest practices, the volume of wood in our forests has actually increased by 35% in the last
25 years.

International Beams’ I-joists are made from two wood products. The flanges are made from small dimension lumber that is sawn from small trees and the tops of larger trees. The web is a special grade of oriented strandboard that is made from under-utilized wood species. Both components assist in achieving total utilization of each tree harvested.

When considering total environmental impact including extraction of raw materials, energy required during manufacturing, emissions from manufacturing operations, and energy efficiency of buildings, International Beams’ I-joists are among the most environmentally friendly building products available.

International Beams I joist, Rimboard Ultra and LVL – Laminated Veneer Lumber

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