Formaldehyde Free

Formaldehyde emission, is often referred to as “off-gassing”

Formaldehyde occurs naturally in food, wood, and is even present
in human blood.

Formaldehyde concerns are generally limited to urea formaldehyde
adhesives used in the manufacture of wood panel products
intended for interior use where moisture resistance is not required.

International Beams engineered wood products (EWP) contain
no urea formaldehyde as a result of the manufacturing

The moisture-resistant adhesives (resins) used in the manufacture
of International Beams EWP (I-joists, OSB rimboard and LVL) have
such low levels of formaldehyde emission that they are exempt
from even the most stringent international standards. There is data
from a variety of sources to support this claim.*

If you are looking for LEED credit, you may qualify under Indoor
Environmental Quality EQ credit, 4.4: Low-Emitting Materials. You
may also qualify for credit under the Green Building Initiative
(Green Globes), or the NAHB National Green Building Program.

Formaldehyde image

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