Enhanced Floor Performance

International Beams broad range of I-joists provide builders with flexibility in joist selection, spacing and construction detail. Although all values contained in the International Beams Design Manual meet or exceed code requirements, long-term floor performance (comfort) should be considered in all construction projects.

The following options will further increase the floor stiffness:

  • Using floor deflection of L/480 instead of the code minimum of L/360.
  • Gluing and nailing the sub-floor to the joists.
  • Attaching gypsum board to the bottom of the floor.
  • Decreasing the joist spacing by one increment based on allowable span.
  • Using full depth I-joist blocking panels at mid span between floor joists.
  • Using deeper joists.
  • Using a thicker sub-floor, i.e. 3/4" or 7/8".
  • Attaching strapping at 16" o/c.

Green building design using I-joists

I joists create sound flooring

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