Engineered Wood
The IB Solid Sawn Wood I Joist Advantage

Builders want building products that make the process of building easier,faster and more profitable.

International Beams (IB) Solid Sawn Wood floor and roof framing I Joists give builders what they’re looking for.

Plus homeowners appreciate the stiff, sound floor IB I Joists provide.

There are many advantages to building with IB I-Joists. For one, traditional framing lumber (2 x 8 and 2 x 10) is prone to splitting, warping, shrinking, bowing and twisting, often resulting in floors that squeak and expensive callbacks.

IB engineered wood products, including its Solid Sawn Wood I-Joists are manufactured under climate controlled conditions resulting in dimensionally stable lumber with low moisture content which virtually eliminates these problems. Combine this advantage with those listed below and you'll quickly appreciate why IB I Joists are becoming the preferred engineered floor joists.

Advantages and Benefits

  • IB I Joists lightweight construction, ease of handling, strength and long spans result in lower overall labor and material costs compared to solid lumber.
  • Wide flanges provide a larger gluing and nailing surface for floor and roof sheathing.
  • Our software calculates the number and type of floor and roofing I Joists required for your job.
  • Traditional framing tools and fasteners make installation of IB engineered wood I beams fast and easy.
  • Compared to traditional framing lumber, IB I Joists span longer distances, allowing the joist spacing to be wider, so there are fewer pieces to handle and install.
  • IB I Joists are more uniform in strength, stiffer and straighter than regular framing lumber.
  • Openings can be strategically cut in the I Joist web to allow for wiring, duct work and plumbing.
  • FSC certified. LEED, Green Globes and National Building Standard Green Point credits are attainable.
  • Ecologically friendly. It's The Green Building Solution.™
  • Order exactly the number of roof or floor joists you need, thereby reducing cost and eliminating waste on the job site.

The full product line of IB I-Joists (9.5" to 24" depths and lengths up to 52') allow you to maximize the structural performance of floors and roofing, save time and money, yet deliver a higher quality floor or roof.

Engineered for high performance, manufactured to uniform dimensions and backed up by one of finest technical and sales teams in the industry, IB I Joists simply make designing and building with engineered wood easier, faster and more profitable.

I-Joists are a certified green building productIB I joists are FSC certified
I joists engineered wood products
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