Engineered Wood

Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL)

Providing the superior performance and durability of engineered wood, International Beams Laminated Veneer Lumber is perfectly suited to spans bearing heavy loads and multi-span applications.

The normal problems associated with increased lumber sizes – like decreased dimensional stability and uniformity – do not apply to our LVL, which utilizes ultrasonically tested and graded Douglas Fir veneer with evenly dispersed natural defects.

Engineered for Quality

Checking is minimized because IB LVL is cured in a controlled process in which waterproof adhesives boost stability and reduce warps and twists. Our LVL is machine ripped to generate uniform size and rigid, flat surfaces with inherently superior nail-holding characteristics.

You can be assured of consistent high performance when IB LVL is handled and installed in accordance with our Installation Guide.

International Beams LVL beams
LVL lumber cross section

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