Engineered Wood Products Links

International Beams engineered wood products provide a host of benefits.

International Beams I joists , LVL and Rimboard help speed up construction.

Architects can explore and design more useful and innovative floor space.

Builders save money, time and and can earn Green Credits using engineered wood products. And homeowners appreciate the stiff, sound floors and open space that i joists provide.

To learn more, follow the links below to discover how engineered wood products are manufactured, tested and used in today’s homes and commercial buildings.
Ligni Bel Ltd.
APA - The Engineered Wood Association
Wood I-joist Manufacturers Association
International Code Council
Canadian Construction Materials Center
American Society of Testing and Materials

I joist framing example.
Building Component Manufacturers Conference
Canadian Wood Council
American Wood Council
North American Wholesale Lumber Association
Journal of Light Construction

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